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Here you will find information on my life and things that i have been through over the years, you will get an insight in to my sport, my family and how things have been an up and down battle to get to where we are today.

Throughout the tabs above there will be different sections on training tips, healthy eating and healthy living, videos that have inspired me over the years and still have an impact on my life now.

I am sure that you will find some of my stories interesting and hopefully inspiring for your own lives and maybe be an insperation.

Jamie gave Scott the fight of his life Jamie Arthur vs Scott Quigg former World Champion

" You can't climb the ladder to success with your hands in your pockets." Schwarzenegger.A

Live your dreams

In 2012 professional boxer Jamie Arthur boxed the undefeated Scott Quigg in one of the highly anticipated fights of the year, having knocked Quigg down in the 4th round and silencing the crowd, the fight was prematurely brought to an end in the 8th when Quigg landed a body shot and the referee brought proceedings to an end.

The decision was one to be discussed over the years and until now has never been one of the debating arguments among boxing fans.



Creating healthy, energy and physical fitness is more than what you eat, how often you exercise or even how you feel.

Your health is the vital energy to fully live the game of life.

No matter where you are or what stress or temptations you face, you can maintain a compelling, lasting commitment to your well-being.

Mind and Meaning.

Making the conscious commitment to empower yourself by directing your thoughts, energy and focus toward what you most want and the goals you need to achieve is the first step towards creating an extraordinary life.

Time Management, Productivity


Today, time management is not enough. You need a system that transforms your massive demands and responsibilities into the exciting realization that you will accomplish something meaningful. You need an entirely different focus that guarantees you the results you deserve. Utilize Tony’s uniquely developed system, RPM (Rapid Planning Method) for getting the very most out of each and every day, so that you can spend more time on doing what makes you fulfilled in life. With Tony’s productivity and time management programs, you can:

  • Regain a sense of certainty that you are in direct control of every aspect of your life.
  • Immediately move from an activity orientation to a results orientation.
  • Replace your ‘to-do’ list with a daily plan that maximizes your time and guarantees your accomplishment.
  • Create a powerful sense of purpose, drive, and fulfillment every day.
  • Create a life plan that will allow you to achieve balance and make progress in all the areas of your life that are important to you.
  • Utilize the project management system to turn any idea into reality.
  • Keep track of your progress, learn from the past, and celebrate your victories.



What are your personal Values? How rules define you.
Raising a family - How to empower your kids & teens to be financially savvy.
Making more time for what really matters.
Avoid lifes Negatives.
Practice and live by your values.
How my technology will benefit you.
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