Personal training with Jamie

Having achieved the huge success as both an amateur and professional boxer winning 9 Welsh amateur titles Commonwealth games gold, Welsh professional titles, Commonwealth professional titles and also boxed for the British professional titles on 3 occasions. I have gained some amazing experiences at all levels of sporting aspects. 

For over 16 years I have been coaching and mentoring athletes from all levels from professional sports men, Commonwealth and Olympic gold medal lists to achieve their goals. 

As a high level professional athlete it has been a huge part of my sporting life in making weight and mental ability to achieve goals. These are just some of the skills and assets that I pass on to my clients to ensure they get the results they require. 

As with every client and daily opportunity I work through, failure is not an option, with the correct application and direction I can show you how to surpass any goal you may have. 

Personal training packages are based on results, with time as of the essance and results in all parts of our lives paramount i only provide packages that are based on a minmum of a 6 week package, the reason for this is to ensure that at the end of the program duration you as the client will not only benifit from the results you require but also have the knowledge and skills to carry on your healthy lifestyle long after the package.

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